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Dementia care by RENT MY NURSE CO.,Ltd.

Our special service DEMENTIA CARE

Sometimes the most difficult aspect for families caring for a relative with dementia at home is dealing with challenging behaviours. We can provide you with our knowledge to recognise and manage some of the common emotions that dementia sufferers experience, such as, aggression, depression, anxiety and agitation.


Helpfully strategies are:


  • Remain calm

  • Keep the environment quiet and safe

  • Speak in a clear, quiet, reassuring voice

  • Keep instructions simple

  • Distraction is often one of the most useful approaches

  • Plan activities usually enjoyed or something that has a purpose

  • Answering repetitive questions

  • Music can help to relax

  • We can also provide assistance when it may be difficult for you or a family member to maintain the duties at home


We operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. There is always somebody who can talk to.

The care you deserve 
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