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Expert standards and care standards

In the last blog article by RENT MY NURSE, we reported on quality assurance in our outpatient care service on the island of Phuket / Thailand.

From experience the question often arises - what is the difference between expert standards and nursing standards?

Experts standards:

An expert standard is in nursing an instrument that is decisive for the further development of nursing quality and assurance in inpatient and outpatient nursing care.

From the experience of nursing scientists and the expertise from practical nursing on site these have emerged and apply to all nursing facilities and hospitals in an entire nation.

An expert city type defines clear goals and measures for people with increased risks in the different areas. This means that the procedure for implementing an existing risk is the same in all nursing areas. Expert standards are only adapted to the appropriate institution or department, but the content may not be changed. Example: Surgical ward, elderly care facility or child and disabled care.

There are currently 8 expert standards written by nursing scientists and doctors.

These are:

• Pressure ulcer prophylaxis in care

• Discharge management in nursing

• Pain management in care for acute or chronic pain

• Fall prevention in care

• Promotion of urinary continence in nursing

• Caring for people with chronic wounds

• Nutritional management to secure and promote oral nutrition in nursing

• Building relationships in the care of people with dementia

Standards of care:

Nursing standards in a company are coordinated and a written down process that meet the needs of the people who live in a nursing facility or stay for a treatment there.

They secure the individual processes of an organization and make them visible for the treating person and for the employees, so that uniform thinking arises in the individual care areas. Expertise in an organization can thus be passed on. Not only the medical and nursing knowledge also about the knowledge off the organization self.

Furthermore, care standards serve for quality assurance and can be measured and readjusted and changed at any time. (e.g. through the renewal of medical devices, departmental processes)

Nursing standards are recorded by the top management of an organization and a team of experts (nursing staff, doctors, therapists) from the individual specialist areas.

We by RENT MY NURSE attach great importance to the fact, that the processes for our clients and employees are shown transparently and that the execution in the home care is visible during the implementation.

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