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Key Facts about Out-Patient Help and Care

Sooner or later, almost everyone have to deal with the issue of care, be it for themselves or for one of their relatives. Especially elderly people, after serious illnesses or an accident, many peoples needs help from others. More and more patients are turning to external home care, to provide those affected with professional care and increased safety.

The care at home environment is often not possible for the relatives alone. Often lacking the necessary understanding for the situation or the necessary knowledge is missed. RENT MY NURSE offers care for people in need of care in their familiar environment with qualified nursing staff.

Clarification of the care needs and advice on the offers

Together with RENT MY NURSE the current care needs be clarified individually and if necessary, discussed with the attending physician. Comprehensive counseling of patients and caregivers on important topics such as "fall prevention or physiotherapeutic measures" is also one of our services.

Care after a hospital stay

The transitional care usually lasts a maximum of two to three weeks after a stay in the hospital and includes follow-up care in the home environment.

Palliativ help and care

In palliative care, seriously ill and dying patients are treated with medical and nursing care to alleviate their discomfort and ensure the greatest possible quality of life for as long as possible. Most of the time we have been transferring patients to our nursing home for the last few weeks. CAREWELL-SERVICE Co., Ltd. in Rawai to ensure the best possible care for the patient.

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