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Outpatient nurse service around Phuket

Quality assurance in nursing and activation in Thailand.

Many pensioners and seniors sitting in Europe ask themselves - what about safe care in another Country.

Unlike in Germany, Switzerland or Austria there are no statutory inspections in distant Asia / Thailand such as the medical service of the health insurance company (MDK) or home supervision (FQA).

Nevertheless, just like in the care department CAREWELL SERVICE Co., Ltd. and the subsidiary of the ambulance care service RENT MY NURSE Co., Ltd. on the island of Phuket, quality assurance in nursing and activation for the guests and clients is very important. Nursing and activation on a European high level.

In order to ensure quality assurance in both nursing companies have professional and qualified management employees from Europe who have previously managed big nursing home in their countries in the past.

Through targeted training and further education, the Thai nursing staff are guided in the area of ​​body care, activation, medicine and in the implementation of the seven expert standards. Safe handling with demented people is also regularly trained.

In the nursing home CAREWELL SERVICE, the nursing care is 1: 1 in all three shifts. In the ambulance care RENT MY NURSE, those people who need care and help at home or on their holiday they can book a nurse for the day or even for 24 hours.

This gives those people who need help on the island of Phuket the security that many in Europe want.

In comparison a nurse in Europe has usually responsibility for 8 to 10 residents in one shift alone.

Not only for body care also for treatment care, doctor visits, discussions with the family. There is usually no time for anything special.

Biography-oriented care and activation in Thailand. Enough time for a daily shower or bath. Foot baths in the evening. Wishes are fulfilled. Personal accompaniment to the hairdresser, shopping or help to visit the doctor. This is a special feature of nursing in Thailand.

Security for many seniors and pensioners in the care department and ambulance care area in Phuket / Thailand. Positive feedback from regular customer surveys and personal contact between the management and nursing services on their own home.

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